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A Quick Guide On How To Create a Radically Better Uptime for Your Domain

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Problems We Solve

We are using reverse proxy technology in a way to create a highly available, fault-tolerant and more secure web environment. This technology allows us to eliminate downtime.

When a server goes down, the system automatically fails-over to the next server, in the round sequence; and users can continue to have websites available online. These failover network solutions were used by bigger clients with higher network investments in the last decade. We have made it possible to offer the same failover solution to smaller and middle size clients worldwide.


What Do You Get?

NoDowntime.Domains protects any domain online with one additional layer of protection over regular web hosting. Additionally, once your website is a part of the NoDowntime.Domains network; its web traffic is routed through our intelligent global cloud failover network. Your website will start using our global data center's presence on an affordable budget. Just a single domain, by accessing NoDowntime.Domains, starts being a member of a larger cloud based global data centers system instantly. You will get cloud based services, running on redundant load balanced clusters, which allows us to offer a 100% uptime guarantee for your domain.


How Will You Feel?

Even the large organizations, with the most expert and greatest resources, have downtime issues and problems. Whenever planned maintenance downtime or unplanned issues happen, "this is not the right time" usually for you, your visitors or your customers. You will feel that everything is going on well on the NoDowntime.Domains secondary server solution and that your sites are up for visitors, even when your primary web hosting is temporarily not available, during your talk with primary provider tech support or during planned maintenance. This is a great stress reliever and it is refreshing to know and to be sure that your online presence is always up and running is a priceless feeling, especially when the cost of the whole solution starts from only $9.99/month.


Learn How to Minimize Web Hosting Downtime

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